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Congratulations on your decision to see change as an opportunity and as a resource. In our work together, we will focus on equipping you with the resources you need to create a dynamic, profitable and sustainable organization. In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to see your organization objectively
  • Identify your top challenges and greatest opportunities
  •  Develop ideas on how to solve these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities
  •  Have a system for understanding how well you are addressing these changes in your organization

We will send you a detailed client preparation form for you to complete. Following your completion of the client preparation form, you will participate in a 60-minute analysis and planning session. A session recording will be made available to you following our session as an added value.

This program is a collaboration. TEND Strategic Partners will endeavor to keep confidential the aspects of our work together that, in our professional judgment, would identify, without your consent, sensitive internal matters as those of your organization. You will allow TEND Strategic Partners to include in marketing and educational materials the name of your organization and descriptions of our collaboration in a way that reasonably avoids compromising this confidentiality. Confidential information does not include information (a) that TEND Strategic Partners knew before you disclosed it to TEND Strategic Partners or (b) that was already in or later entered the public domain through no fault of TEND Strategic Partners or (c) that TEND Strategic Partners rightfully received from a third party with no duty of confidentiality to you.

You authorize TEND Strategic Partners to communicate with the staff of your organization and with your contractors as needed, in TEND Strategic Partners’ professional judgment, to achieve the objectives of the program.

You will provide TEND Strategic Partners with a written list of any exceptions to this authorization.

We have many years of experience equipping leaders to create dynamic, profitable and sustainable organizations. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Your payment indicates acceptance of these terms.

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